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Sometimes there are things you just don’t see or even realize until someone points them out to you.

Our girls at Fleur de Lis have the freedom to walk hand in hand down the road from or to meals and activities without the obvious oversight of staff or counselors. Be sure, there is always someone close by if something should go amiss, but otherwise, they are left to themselves to walk, chat, sing, run. The person who pointed this out was a director from another camp. She was almost incredulous at the “freedom” our girls have. I was incredulous when she mentioned this. What? We’re different from other camps?


I believe this freedom has been purposeful from the beginning of our existence. Perhaps Lady Frances and the other founders of Fleur de Lis didn’t write the script this way, but that is how this part of our story has turned out. It is how we see ourselves as a community and how we want our girls to grow. On our website we talk about Fleur de Lis as a Caring Community:


Fleur de Lis Camp is an environment where each member demonstrates

respect for others, the community and the world. As members of a community

we work and play together in an atmosphere of encouragement, trust and

friendship. Each of us looks out for the welfare of the individual and the group.

How do girls grow and learn to care for each other unless they have time to talk, learn from one another, share their stories, and even share their worries? A few years ago, I walked around a camp in Maine where they had scattered about the property small venues where campers were obviously invited to sit down for a few moments and talk or just be together. They had multiple swings like we have now behind the dining hall. We think it’s time for us to be more intentional about giving our girls places to gather.


Your donations to this Friends appeal will help create and improve our gathering places by purchasing items such as picnic tables, Adirondack chairs, and bench swings. All of whicwill be located at strategic points around camp. It will give us the opportunity to pay some more care to the quieter places in camp. Think of being able to sit down for a few minutes in the sunken garden, near the waterfall by the rifle range, in the clearing by the CT cottage, various spots in the fields. And we might even build a hammock village in the Senior Field. These gathering spots will not only nurture our girl’s friendships but also their love for the natural beauty that surrounds them at camp. These venues are not intended just for our girls. We hope you will take advantage of them when you come to camp for a visit. Sit and chat. Reflect. Watch our girls moving about camp. See their joy. Enjoy the person you are sitting with. Remember: You, too, are an important part of our community.

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Jane Lawson