For the record, I no longer smell like a goat
POSTED 1.16.15 Blog

I have always thought of camp as mine, as my experience, something that was related to my parents in drives home and the occasional letter. Reading my father’s post, it occurred to me for the first time that my parents, in their own way, had experienced it right along with me. Granted, my father’s take on my time at camp is very different from mine but in discussing his post with him, I was surprised with how much he remembered about my time at farm camp. I suppose it helps that scent is the closest sense tied to memory and as noted, I smelled pretty bad.

With this revelation in mind, I would like to invite our many wonderful parents out there to send in their own perspectives about their daughters’ time at camp. It is my hope that we can turn this into a running thread so that we can better understand this world we hold as our own through your eyes.

-Lady Sarena