From the land of few roads
POSTED 10.19.13 Blog

The upside of the inevitably roundabout way that I take to get just about anywhere is that it provides me with lots of time to think. Also, I am generally being lead through some really beautiful places but that’s neither here nor there for the time being. My most recent journey, this past Thursday, was to attend the New Hampshire Camp Directors Association Fall Conference. Being the self-assessed camp dork that I am, I love camp conferences. Actually, I generally have more affection for any camp-based meeting than I do for any other type. Of course, there are exceptions but my appreciation for this subset of gatherings is multi-faceted and specific-

1. They are geared towards and attended by camp people. It means that from the get-go, you are on the same page with a bunch of, often super friendly, strangers and presenters. It is a very wonderful thing to be in a room full of people who understand what you do and why you love it.

2. As a gathering of camp people, we have the tendency to be a bit unruly and difficult to quiet. It’s not that we are trying to be disrespectful; sometimes, this is the only time of year we see each other. We can also have the tendency to be a bit like overgrown children; it’s just part of our nature.

3. There are always new ideas and techniques to bring camp to more kids and as a group, we want to share with one another. As a camp dork, I am really interested in what is happening at other places, whether or not it would work at FDL. I have worked in other industries where this is not the case and I always excited when I remember that camp is not that way.

4. Somehow, through, I think, a lot of the above reasons, it always proves to remind me how happy and lucky I am to be doing what I am doing.

So these were my reflections in my almost 7 hour journey to New Hampshire and back. It wasn’t really that far of a distance; it’s just there aren’t many roads that exist between here and there.

– Lady Sarena