Getting to know the 2013 staff- Lady Katherine Collier*
POSTED 12.10.13 Blog

I know that, more often than not, it is my name that appears on the bottom of these posts but today, I would like to take some time to introduce one of our amazing staff members who was always happy to pitch in her musings about the goings on at FDL- Lady Katherine Collier.

Name- Katherine Collier


Hometown- Trappe, PA

What I do at camp-Swim 5, Stained Glass, Tent L

Number of years at FDL- 8

Special Skills-eating blueberries, typing 100 words per minute, making myself cry/laugh, memorizing the place of every country on the world map

What I do when I’m not at camp-Major in Public Relations and Psychology at Loyola University of New Orleans, volunteer, read, bake, eat.

Favorite Part of Camp-the amazing, life-long friends I have made here

Favorite Story from Camp-After Glop night as a second year senior, my stomach was full of delicious goods. We played big game of soccer, which was so much fun and then poured cold water on each other. After, we had a big dance party in the middle of the field. The sun was setting into the trees, the sky was a beautiful mix of pinks and purples and the moment is forever in my mind as perfect.

Something not everyone knows about me- My lifelong dream is to move to Thailand and work with elephants. Also, I would like to find the Sour Patch Parents.

Ah those elusive Sour Patch Parents when will they be brought to justice . . . So again I just want to say thank you to Lady Katherine for all of her awesome blog contributions from this summer!


*this will be another ongoing thread because, well, we had an awesome staff this year and I would love to let you all know them better.