Getting to know the 2013 staff- Our final entry*
POSTED 6.14.14 Blog

Today is the day that the staff arrives at camp and we must say goodbye to our amazing 2013 staff and welcome our equally amazing 2014 crew. I can see no more fitting way to say goodbye then by sharing some of my favorite tidbits from their staff profiles-

Lady Harriet’s something not everyone knows- I love dessert! (especially vanilla pudding)

Lady Caroline’s something not everyone knows- I have to relearn how to dive every summer at camp.

Lady Bridget’s something not everyone knows- I found a calculator watch outside of school in 4th grade and proceeded to wear it for 4 years.

Lady Tierney’s favorite part of camp-Dusk

Lady Betsy’s special skills- Kayaking and eating French toast sticks

Lady Kate’s favorite story- One night as CT’s, we painted our bodies in the barn and then ran into the lake. We didn’t realize until much later that all the paint hadn’t washed off.

CT Bryn Hennigar’s favorite story- I had a swim class dedicated to conquering our fears of the lake.

Lady Cori’s something not everyone knows- I worked at a prom dress store. (It was awful.)

So with these fun facts, we bid a fond farewell to our 2013 staff even though many of them will be back for 2014!

– Lady Sarena

*this will be another ongoing thread because, well, we had an awesome staff this year and I would love to let you all know them better.