Getting to know the 2013 staff- Our intrepid new Unit Heads*
POSTED 5.22.14 Blog

Camp season is almost here, just a few short weeks and we will be back in the fields. Those fields will have an all new leadership team this year with Lady Matoaka Kipp heading up the Junior field, Lady Emma Fricke next door in the Mid field, and Lady Julia Shively as the fearless leader of the Seniors. Here are their favorite parts of camp-

Lady Matoaka- Traditions aka August Session, camp plays and getting to come back.

Lady Emma- Coming back every year, seeing the same people year after year, and meeting new people. Also my best friends in the whole world.

Lady Julia-The signatures on the barn walls

So here’s to our intrepid new leadership team; I know they are going to be amazing!

– Lady Sarena

*this will be another ongoing thread because, well, we had an awesome staff this

year and I would love to let you all know them better.