Getting to know the 2013 Staff*- the Nature of Camp Friends
POSTED 10.12.13 Blog

After last weekend with all its stories and reunions, I have been thinking a lot this week about the amazing phenomenon that is camp friends. All of this pondering brought to mind to two rather unique stories from our staff profiles this summer-

What is your favorite story from camp?

Lady Caroline Foley- One really hot day, my friend, Lady Hannah Risko, and I decided to canoe to the middle of the lake. Because of the raging heat and the lack of other activities to do in a canoe, we decided to jump in. Unfortunately when we jumped, the canoe began to fill with water and submerge itself deep into the lake. Naturally, we started to completely freak out. In the end, we were able to recover the canoe and a nice older couple picked us up and brought us to shore.

Lady Julia Shively- When I was a CT, Lady Katherine Collier threw her retainer out. She was freaking out. So our other friend, Sarah, and I decided to help her find it. We jumped in the dumpsters, opened up some trash bags, and after searching for a few minutes; I found it and we all screamed, hugging and jumping for joy.

What struck me about both of these stories is that they are both, basically, catastrophes that can result in a fair amount of trouble for those involved. I mean, in the grand scheme of things, losing a retainer is not that big of a deal as it can be replaced but for the teenager who has to call home and inform her parents that she lost it, it is the end of the world. On the other hand, sinking a canoe to the bottom of the lake means a whole world of trouble, regardless of the bigger picture of life. I mean, it’s a whole canoe; they almost lost an entire canoe. Even with all that, these are two favorite stories of people who having been coming to FDL for years because what they remembered was not the panic and potential trouble, it was the friends they were with and the amazing times that happened because they were together.  Camp friends- a strange but amazing thing indeed . . .


– Lady Sarena

* this will be another ongoing thread because, well, we had an awesome staff this year and I would love to let you all know them better.