Giving Tuesday 12/1/2015
POSTED 12.1.15 Blog

Giving Tuesday is a new-er internet based initiative, but the thoughts of philanthropy are long held in the Fleur de Lis community.  This season of thanks-giving and holidays reminds us how blessed we are to be part of the Fleur de Lis community and today, Giving Tuesday, is an internet celebration of philanthropy to continue to offer generations of women our beloved Fleur de Lis Camp for girls.  Here are a few more thoughts on why some of our Corporation members choose to annually donate to the Friends of Fleur de Lis.

“because I have never found another place as transformative for young women; instilling confidence, character, and kindness in girls is part of everyday life at FDL.  It influenced the person I have been become more than any other single institution.  And when the wind blows in the right direction, I can still smell chicken croquettes on opening day–no matter where I am in the world.”  –CJ Navins Hacker

“because true and real friendship is second to none at FDL; it offers so much and allows each individual to grow and learn regardless of age.”  –Richard Briggs

“because of the confidence I gained there to be all that I can be whatever variety of challenges I both choose to take on, and that choose to me on–all with a warm heart and a humble spirit.”  –Kathy Davis Cadigan

“because I had a positive experience at camp and want to give back so that other girls and young women can share that same experience.”  –Christine Creelman

“because I and my two daughters have been blessed with the gift of Fleur de Lis magic.”  –Jeanne Emerson Young

There are so many reasons to donate today, Giving Tuesday, and we invite you to make your own donation today and share YOUR reason for donating to Fleur de Lis on our Facebook Page today!  –Lady Carrie