Goodbye July (Session)
POSTED 7.20.13 Blog

Earlier today, we had to say goodbye to our four week July campers and while we are sad, we can only hope that they will follow Lady Harriet’s words of advice-

It is by chance we met

By choice, we became friends.

Now we say our goodbyes to those

For whom this week, camp ends.


My friends are scattered here and there

It does not really matter

While we can keep in touch by mail

Or other means to chatter.


As long as I have filed away

Each name and each address

Or where to call by telephone

And wish them happiness.


Of course, I wish that every day,

No matter what the weather,

My friends could say hello to me

And we could be together.


But just a little greeting card

Will turn that happy trick

It need not be a telegram

Or any message quick.


Whatever and however is

The message I may send them

It matter only as I try

To cheer and befriend them.


The password for today is Keep in Touch!