Greetings from Lady Bridget
POSTED 6.29.13 Blog

Greetings from the Farmhouse! Lady Bridget here, director of our intrepid counselors-in-training.

Though it’s my thirteenth summer at Fleur de Lis, it is my first as the CT Director. I was so excited to be able to accept the position and to have a new challenge to tackle at camp. I must admit, however, that having some majorly huge shoes to fill (Hi Lady Amy and Lady Kate!) and with school snow days putting a damper on our pre-camp party, I was also a little apprehensive about the job.

It turns out my fears were unfounded. Although I am definitely still climbing the learning curve and there have been some slip-ups to show for it (sorry for the lack of a CT in third period Rifle yesterday, Lady Emma!), I feel pretty comfortable in this role. And the reason is fairly easy to determine: the CTs. These fifteen young ladies break all of the ugly teenage stereotypes: they are hard-working, energetic, engaged, and ready to tackle any test you throw at them. The sprayer is broken in the dish room? Let’s do dish old dining hall style! A camper fell and cut her knee playing Capture the Flag? I’ll give up my secret spot for reconnaissance missions to walk her to the Health Center! CT Dinner is on Friday? Let’s plan a fun tour through Italy, complete with gondola rides in Venice, Jenga games in Pisa, and trash bag fashion shows in Milan!

Over the past few days, the CTs have extended their talents to the town of Fitzwilliam in preparation for the Historical Society’s annual Strawberry Festival. Three CTs helped pick a whopping 190 pounds of strawberries on Thursday, while another six spent Friday morning hulling them, resulting in stained and sore fingers. Saturday, six more of our CTs were servers and kitchen helpers at the festival itself. They were all praised for their hard work and sunny dispositions, and it’s a great thing for camp that we get to showcase their skills to the surrounding community. It has been a great experience, and we are looking forward to more service opportunities throughout the summer.

Next up on the CT agenda: planning some awesome interruptions! Never a moment’s rest in the CT Cottage.