Greetings from the Land of the CT’s
POSTED 7.2.14 Blog

Lady Bridget here, director of our intrepid counselors-in-training (but you can call me Mom, since all the CTs do). Things are back in full swing here in CT-land, and I wanted to give everyone an update of what we’re up to! As many of you are aware, the CT program has evolved over the past few years to include service opportunities in the surrounding community. This past week, the CTs were happy to help out with the Fitzwilliam Historical Society’s annual Strawberry Festival for the second year in a row.

On Thursday, five CTs traveled to Mason, NH to pick strawberries for the festival. It was a bit cloudy and muggy, but not enough to obstruct our beautiful views. We ended up picking twelve flats of strawberries for the Historical Society, plus two more for the kitchen at camp!

On Friday, eight CTs helped to wash, hull, and cut the 100+ pounds of berries that were picked. It wasn’t the most thrilling of jobs, but in true CT style, there was no complaining. Songs were sung, stories were told, and good times were had!

On Saturday, the remaining seven CTs traveled to the town center to help out at the festival. After a quick tour of the Amos J. Blake House, we got to work. We sliced biscuits, whipped fresh cream, mixed up lemonade and iced tea, and helped with setup. During the festival, we served up strawberry shortcakes to many appreciative Fitzwilliam citizens. The Historical Society was expressed gratitude for our help and praised our CTs for their hard work and friendly attitudes. I was a proud Mom, that’s for sure.

We’ll keep you posted on our other community service endeavors throughout the summer!

-Lady Bridget