Happy 4th of July!
POSTED 7.4.13 Blog

I arrived at camp in 2010 for my first ever July experience. As a faithful August camper, I was eager to discover the new traditions I had been hearing about for years.

By the time July 4th rolled around, I was a little anxious for my first one away from my family, but my tent mates swept me up in the excitement of the day. They explained the FDL parade where every tent and cabin dressed in a patriotic theme and flaunted their costumes for the crowd of staff. As a senior group, we dressed up as items from commercials, which we considered to be uniquely American. We had the Orbits girl, a Bump-it hair accessory model as well as some other “iconic” marketing personalities. It did feel a bit goofy, wearing a snuggie in the middle of summer, but that feeling was quickly lost in all the enthusiasm that filled the fields. So we proudly paraded up to the dining hall for a picnic of hot dogs, hamburger, chips and watermelon before twirling sprinklers on the lawn. The festivities continued as the whole camp sat on the beach watching fireworks explode and echo over the lake.

Since that first holiday away from home, I have spent the past three years on that beach, singing camp songs with my friends. Each year as the fireworks take over the sky, I hope that other August campers would venture out of their camp comfort zones and join us.

-Lady Elena Ramos