How I ended up at FDL . . .
POSTED 9.28.13 Blog

After spending last summer enjoying the typical British weather and hearing about my friends’ amazing experiences at camp, I decided to apply to Camp America and it was the best decision ever*. In a few short months, I was headed down to London Heathrow. After saying my goodbyes, I boarded a 7 hour flight and finally arrived in Boston. McDonald’s for dinner, Dunkin’ Donuts for breakfast . . . this was going to be a great 9 weeks.

Sadly, my hopes to escape traditional British weather did not come true as we went through lifeguard training in the rain and cold. Meeting all the returning staff and hearing their camp memories kept spirits high and made me really excited for the arrival of our first campers.

Sure enough, after 2 weeks the weather did get better; the sun showed its face in time for opening day. Now after two weeks with campers, any fears I had of remembering rules or routines have vanished. I’ve found everyone at FDL to be so welcoming and helpful, genuinely wanting new people to be a part of something. which is so close to their hearts.

– Lady Harriet

* The application process, although quite demanding, was well worthwhile. A lot of time is spent ensuring that the applicant it well suited for the camp where they are placed. Now that I am at Fleur de Lis, I can definitely appreciate that.