How is it Thursday already?
POSTED 8.22.13 Blog

I wanted to write about our anticipation for the campers to come, for this entirely new adventure to begin for everyone. Then it started and there was no time for anticipation or anything really, except having fun and getting to know this really amazing group of girls.

It is not that we have not had a moment since the campers arrived on Sunday; it’s that in those moments, we have just been soaking all of it in- enjoying the mix of remembering and discovering that happens with new campers and returning alumnae. I knew from my own experience here that those who love Fleur de Lis have a way of sharing it with new comers that makes them feel both at home and as if they are stumbling upon the secrets of this place all on their own. It has been wonderful to watch that happen in the past few days and while I would love to continue to fill you in on the magic going on, I am off to be a part of it.

-Lady Sarena