How to Tell if Sleepaway Camp is Right for your Kid
POSTED 3.21.17 Blog

Camp isn’t for everyone. Some kids take a year (or more) to really enjoy and value the experience at a sleepaway camp. And other kids know at age 5 that they were born to be a camp kid.

Regardless of whether or not you’ve been considering camp for your child, sleepaway camp is a fantastic opportunity for kids to “learn to navigate situations without you,” as psychologist Jerry Weichman, Ph.D says.

At Fleur de Lis, when we have a conversation with a family who is interested in joining our Fleur de Lis community and sending their daughter to camp, we want to understand their expectations and what they are looking for in a camp. Our camp is based around friendship and trying new things: we aren’t a sports camp with lots of competition, nor are we a high-end camp complete with maid service.

So, after the decision is made to register your child for sleepaway camp, there are more decisions to be made: what type of camp will fit your family best? has a fantastic article on how to figure out these steps with your childand to set them up for success at sleepaway camp if it is, indeed, the right fit.

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