In search of brighter weather
POSTED 6.17.14 Blog

For my tenth summer, I am blessed to sit on the Farmhouse porch, overlooking the start of pre-camp. It is, to no surprise, raining and cold, a forecast otherwise known as an aspiring lifeguards favorite weather. Whether the weather is saving its sunshine for the arrival of the campers in 11 days or not, it remains our favorite chilly New Hampshire temperature.

However, no matter how cold it is, camp could not be more familiar, homey, or welcoming. After a entire year in the outside world, I have the comfort of returning to a new pair of freshly made “camp feet”, a dark green Fleur de Lis blanket at the end of my bed, the smell of pine trees and wet bathing suits that never seem to dry when you need them. Still, the biggest comfort of a summer spent returning to Laurel Lake is its staff, with 20 returners and 6 new internationals (hailing from England, Wales and Australia) making up the 2014 staff. Though this is sure to be said every year, there is something about this staff that makes me sure that this is an especially special summer.

Our staff includes an aspiring cook, several dedicated runners, almost Olympic archers, OITNB fans, sailors, world travelers, southern bells, aspiring future cast members of “Toddlers and Tiaras”, and frozen cookie dough lovers. It is amazing that knowing someone at camp for a little under a week can feel the same as knowing someone for a lifetime in the real world. That in itself makes camp very special. Counselors and campers are constant recipients of camps best gift- unexpected and seemingly instant friendships. Rather than 26 counselors from many parts of the world with many different backgrounds, it seems that we are old friends who are seeing each other after a very long time and just catching up for lost time.

So if you are near Laurel Lake anytime soon, make sure to look out for 26 amazing ladies in search of brighter weather.

-Lady Matoaka