Last (Wo) Men Standing
POSTED 8.31.14 Blog

There is a special sort of privilege in being some of the last to leave 120 Howeville Road. It cannot be denied that there is a sadness to it, being those that bear witness to every drawn out goodbye and spilled tear but there is also an honor in taking this place from its first sleepy movements towards being camp again to its stubborn refusal to be closed up for another season. It mirrors our own avoidance of the fact that it is actually over, that we will have to return to our pre-camp lives, which while sorely missed, pale in comparison to what we are leaving.

So here’s a moment to acknowledge something that we’ve all known for as long as camp has been a part of our lives- leaving it is the worst. And so while we make the transition back to non-camp life, I would to say a formal goodbye and we’ll miss you to all fellow FDL addicts, who will wear their camp clothes with pride during the year, whose electronics boast backgrounds of Laurel Lake and the Point, and who waited only a day or two after leaving before starting their countdown to summer 2015. As the unofficial end of summer wraps up, remember we miss you and we can’t wait to see you in about 298 days, give or take.

-Lady Sarena