Mail and Packages (part 2)
POSTED 1.28.16 Blog

As publishers are getting their materials ready to share with families about camp, I volunteered to write an article about camp mail and packages…here is a preview to the second half of the article that will be published this spring!

Packages.  Another LOVED favorite of all campers—of all ages!  Here’s a few package tips as you plan your summer package schedule.

  1. Just like mail, campers prefer several small packages than one REALLY BIG one.
  2. Most camps encourage you NOT to send food. If it ends up in the bunk it encourages furry-not so welcome-visitors of the four-legged variety.  If you refuse to abide by this rule, try sending the snack in a small zip-lock bag with one (1) or two (2) servings—for your camper and a friend.  Something that can be eaten in whole right then and there, such as two (2) homemade cookies, or one (1) mini candy bar—definitely NOT the whole jumbo bag.  And the great news is that if you made a batch of cookies, you can send another package a few days later with another serving of cookies for even more fun!
  3. Try to include items that can be shared with bunk mates—it helps build friendships and most likely your camper will show up for the package with cabin mates trailing behind to see what was received. Some package ideas include:
    1. Temporary tattoos
    2. Mad libs
    3. Nail polish, hair ribbons etc.
    4. Dollar store party favor pack of trinkets
    5. Card games
    6. A small puzzle…in stages; the box and frame pieces first, then chunks of pieces in each forthcoming package. Even better, send several pieces to each camper—and staff!—in the cabin to complete it together.

No matter what you choose to do, your camper wants to hear from you and hear their name called at mail call.  It doesn’t require a lot of money, but it may take some pre-planning and thought; however, this can be YOUR fun while your camper is away!

Lady Carrie