March is #FDLMonth
POSTED 3.7.17 Blog

In 2016, we started a new tradition: instead of hosting an in-person event somewhere in New England, we’d encourage alumnae, campers, and camp-lovers in our Fleur de Lis community to engage in something called #FDLMonth. The idea: wherever you are, reconnect with Fleur de Lis community in your area by gathering, taking a photo, and tagging it with #FDLMonth for everyone to see.

In our first year with #FDLMonth, we had more than 40 people all over the country (and world!) take advantage of the idea. They posted photos from Utah, New York, Thailand, and of course, New England.

We’re doing #FDLMonth again this year, but we want to see more of your smiling faces! March is #FDLMonth, so gather with friends and take some photos!

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