Meet Fleur de Lis Staff: Pam Fricke
POSTED 6.13.16 Blog

Before the summer of 2016, get acquainted with some of our amazing counselors, unit heads, Farmhouse staff, and execs who keep Fleur de Lis running from week to week. This week, we’d like to introduce you to Pam Fricke:

I started going to FDL in 1973 when I was a second year mid and stopped 11 years later as Program Director. Then real life, marriage, and children caused a 20 year hiatus, although I was still in contact all those years. In 2004, with my two junior aged daughters in tow, I returned to camp. This will be my 22nd summer at FDL. FDL runs in our family, as my daughter Hannah will spend her 13th summer and 3rd year on staff, and I have two nieces that will also be at FDL, one a Sr. and the other a CT. And don’t forget my dog, Jazz! It will be his 11th summer! When I’m not at camp I am a middle school Spanish teacher. I am an avid photographer and you will see me with my cameras around my neck often. I love to travel and in the past year have traveled to Argentina twice (once with Lady Annie!) and Spain just a month ago. I may be one of the oldest at Fleur de Lis, but working and playing with all the young campers and staff keeps me feeling and acting young and that’s one of things I enjoy most about FDL.