Meet Fleur de Lis Staff: Rebekah Scott
POSTED 4.28.16 Blog

Before the summer of 2016, get acquainted with some of our amazing counselors, unit heads, Farmhouse staff, and execs who keep Fleur de Lis running from week to week. This week, we’d like to introduce you to Rebekah Scott:

My name is Bekah, I’m 23 and I am from the small island of Jersey. I graduated from university last summer with a degree in Animal Biology with a goal to work in Conversation. I am a very outdoorsy and social person and enjoy spending time at the beach and partaking in various activities including swimming, scuba diving, wakeboarding, walking, travelling and enjoy spending time with friends and family. I love food and enjoy eating out and trying out new recipes at home. This summer I will be joining Camp Fleur de Lis, training as a lifeguard and boat driver. I am really looking forward to becoming part of the Camp Fleur de Lis community, getting involved in all aspects of camp life, meeting new people and making new friends. I cannot wait to get to camp in June!