Meet the Fleur de Lis Staff: Amy Bates
POSTED 5.23.16 Blog

Before the summer of 2016, get acquainted with some of our amazing counselors, unit heads, Farmhouse staff, and execs who keep Fleur de Lis running from week to week. This week, we’d like to introduce you to Amy Bates:

Hi! My name is Amy Bates—but at camp I go by Lamy! This will be my eighteenth summer at camp if you can believe it! I started when I was 8 years old, and camp has been such a huge part of my life ever since. 
This will be my second year as Staff Director. Seeing campers grow up to be such incredible young women and leaders has been my favorite part of camp. I have watched some of your counselors go from being shy Juniors to the amazing and passionate staff members we have working with us this summer. 
I currently live in Chicago with another camp alumnae Sarah Heller…it’s like the ultimate camp dream come true! Instead of just the summer, we get to see each other everyday!  I teach 8th grade English Language Arts in Chicago Public Schools. Empowering young people in school or at camp is a big passion of mine. 
At camp you will usually find me in the Rifle Range or playing pranks on Lady Annie Brown. I love dressing up and being silly, nothing is better than camp clothes!
I look forward to meeting all the new staff and campers as well as seeing all the familiar faces! But mostly, I can’t wait for camp hugs 🙂 See you all soon!