Meet the Staff: Kristen Burnette
POSTED 5.15.18 Blog


Lady Kristen Burnette

Lady Kristen is returning to camp for her ninth summer! She started as a first year mid, and since she loved being table squad & singing loudly in the dining hall… she kept coming back!

She loves Laurel Lake – mostly for its incredible view of Mount Monadnock on a good day, and she loves feeling comfortable in tee shirts & sunscreen all summer!

Since she loved/loves camp so much, both her younger sisters ended up loving camp too! Her sister Lady Lauren is returning as a counselor with her, and her other sister Jennifer is returning as a third year Mid!

When she’s not at camp, she studies Music Education — and maybe that has something to do with how much she loves to correctly teach camp songs to campers and ladies?!

(She is in many choirs and her school life basically revolves around singing…)
Anyways, she can’t wait to meet and reunite with many wonderful girls very soon!