Meet the Staff: Vicki Setzer
POSTED 5.28.18 Blog

Before the summer of 2018, get acquainted with some of our amazing counselors, unit heads, Farmhouse staff, and execs who keep Fleur de Lis running from week to week. This week, we’d like to introduce you to Vicki Setzer:

Hi, my name is Vicki Setzer. I will be one of the nurses this year at camp. I have been a camp nurse for 8 years, this will be my ninth year. I have previously worked at boys camps, so this will be a different experience which I am looking forward to. I have been a school nurse for 8 years, as well, and work at an elementary school in Orlando, Florida where I live as of now. I have always wanted to be a nurse ever since I read all about Clara Barton when I was 8 years old. I grew up all over the place as a military brat and continued that lifestyle by marrying into the military. My husband and I have 4 children: one daughter and three sons, the three oldest are grown and have children of their own, so I also have 7 soon to be 8 grandchildren, five boys and two soon to be three girls. My youngest son is graduating from high school this year, he usually comes to camp up until last year with me. My loves besides my kids and grandkids are my fur babies: I have two miniature Australian Shepherds; I had three but last year, while at camp, I lost one of them. Very sad. I am in the process of looking for a King Charles Cavalier to train to be a therapy dog, to go around to all of the children’s areas here in Florida, as well as my own school. My next love is sewing – especially quilts, yes i will bring my own sewing machine to camp, I call her Millie. I also love to travel and I am always looking for somewhere to explore, so if you know of any good places to explore, let me know. I am really looking forward to meeting everyone, what I have seen of camp so far is amazing and I cannot wait to see everything in person. It is going to be a great summer, see you in a couple of weeks!