My unreformed ways during Circle of Fleur de Lis
POSTED 8.20.14 Blog

Last year about this time, I rattled off a quick blog post about how despite my desire to let everyone know about the goings-on of Circle of Fleur de Lis, I would rather be a part of them. It would seem that I have not reformed my ways in this respect.

Never before have I been more conscious of the brevity of time we have here at 120 Howeville Road- 6 short days to reconnect with old friends, make amazing new ones, get comfortable, find another home, laugh too hard, and just settle into the magic of summer camp all over again. Never before have I been so consistently astounded by the courage and openness of our campers who step into this new experience with hugs and an unstoppable enthusiasm to try everything and put themselves center stage during Talent Show, even though it’s only Day Two. And never before have I found myself more thankful for idle conversations after Taps, outdoor showers, the spontaneous hug that just has to happen, and going to sleep in a tent each night surrounding by these amazing girls and volunteers.

So, once again, I am going to be a part of it and promise to report more next week.

-Lady Sarena