No mirror, mirror on the wall
POSTED 8.24.15 Blog

After 14 years, I thought I had gotten pretty well acquainted with all of the peculiarities of camp life but this weekend, something was pointed out to me that I have most certainly taken for granted all this time. Saturday morning at Big and Little, one of the Bigs pointed out that there are very few mirrors at camp. Actually, she pointed out that she had not yet found a mirror at camp. Now part of this is because of a series of unfortunate events surrounding the mirrors that usually reside in the Mid and Senior WOGS and part of this is the way of camp.

The way of camp is that we really don’t care what we look like. Rather than examine our hair in the mirror, we ask a friend to braid it for us. We would much rather go walk out to the Point, both for the blueberries and the conversation, than worry about how groomed our eyebrows are. Outside of the occasional staff night out, camp make-up usually means face paint applied for dramatic effect. In the same way that we happily wear t-shirts we would not want to be caught in outside of camp, we also allow certain lapses in our personal appearance that would not be welcomed in our everyday lives.

It is a small part of our lives but apparently, a strange one, as so many parts of camp life are. In that way, I am so happy that this realization was brought to my attention at Big and Little, which in its essence, is meant to be an introduction to FDL. Amidst all of these new experiences from riflery to jumping into Laurel Lake, the 72 participants who came to Big and Little in 2015 were also let in on this secret freedom that camp provides.

So on Sunday morning, as I washed my face in the Senior WOGS and looked out on the fields instead of my own reflection, I thought about how appropriate it really is that in those moments where we are usually meant to be looking at ourselves, we find ourselves looking out at camp. Rather than reflecting something as unimportant as what we look like, we instead get to look at a place that we love and that allows us to be such wonderful, free and better versions of ourselves. And in that, it becomes so much more important where we are than what we look like while here.

-Lady Sarena