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We have begun our fall/winter home visit season! If you would like to schedule a home visit in the New England area this fall, please contact Annie at 603.803.1809 or Home visits typically take just over 1 hour, and are a fabulous way to ask questions and understand the power of the Fleur de Lis community.
If you live outside the Northeast of the United States we would still love to meet you! Please don’t hesitate to contact us through our inquiry form.

Request a Private Tour

Want to see what Fleur de Lis looks like? We give tours year-round, but highly recommend a tour during the summer when it’s more action-packed! However, if you want to see camp in the off-season, fall and spring are ideal to avoid the snowy dirt roads in Fitzwilliam. Reach out to Annie at 603.803.1809 or to set up a private tour.


We love new campers! Give us a call, fill out an inquiry form, or send us an email to set up a private tour of camp.


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