What Our Parents & Campers Say

It is no exaggeration to say that Fleur de Lis has transformed my daughter. FdL has given her so many skills — independence, responsibility, and confidence for sure, but also life skills like making new friends and branching out and trying new activities (and foods!) that are not available at home. She’s learned that someone you might not have loved last summer may have become someone you adore now, and that you can have lots of wonderful friends, even if you’ve found a soul mate and best friend.

Parent of a Mid Camper

There will never be enough words to describe what summers at Fleur de Lis meant to me and how much they shaped me into who I am today. I only wish I could go back to being a kid on Laurel Lake and wish I had been able to have more summers!

Kelcey K. Former Fleur de Lis Camper

I wanted my daughter to have an escape from the tech-trappings, academic and peer pressure. She loved the simplicity that FDL offers. She returned home more confident, relaxed and refreshed from time with new friends, in the beautiful surroundings of FDL. Camp provided her with opportunites to try activities that normally aren’t available to her. FDL is like a throw-back to summers from days-gone-bye. The emphasis is on acceptance, just being who you are. FDL is a special place that my daughter looks forward to returning to each summer.

Parent of a Senior Camper

It has taught me how to rely on myself, be comfortable in my own skin, all while living away from home.

Senior camper, age 14

I’m happy that my daughter has made friends from other states and from as far away as Venezuela. It has taught her that she can meet people from different places and with different experiences and make great friends.

Parent of a Junior Camper

After 10 years at Fleur de Lis Camp, I can safely say I wouldn’t have spent my childhood summers any other way. Now, as an adult with a daughter of my own, I dream of the day she gets to go to Fleur de Lis where she will create friendships and gain life skills that will last a lifetime, just like I did. I highly recommend Fleur de Lis to anyone looking for an overnight camp for their daughter.

Ashley E. Killeen Former Fleur de Lis Camper

If [our daughter]’s happiness could be measured in tears, she showed us happiness to last for months and months to come. [Her counselor] was awesome and the time she gave us saying goodbye was so nice. I measured some happiness tears as well! We have heard some camp stories and look forward to many more as our daughter shares them. And again, a heart felt thank you to you all at FDL.

Sally Wilson Parent of a Senior Camper


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