FDL 100 Miles Challenge

Over the past two years we have spent more time being sedentary, stuck inside, and starring at screens. It was a true joy to be back at camp this summer. There we stayed active, got outside, and put down those pesky screens. We enjoyed it so much that we wanted to challenge the full FDL community, whether you last summer was 2021 or 1972.

We’re asking you to join the FDL 100 Miles Challenge. Whatever you like to do be it hiking, running, canoeing, swimming, biking, or walking commit to going 100 miles in 2022. Track your progress with the 100 miles tracker. You could even invite your camp friends on an adventure with you. This year lets commit to bringing our camp selves to the outside world by putting down the screen and getting outside.

How to get started:

We’ve challenged you because we know that Fleur de Lis folks can do hard things!

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