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Tip Tuesday – Routines & Schedules

Feeling overwhelmed and the need to settle back into a routine after the holidays? We believe that one of the many reasons campers are successful at camp is because of the structure and routine it provides. Each morning campers wake up knowing when and where they need to be. It is their responsibility to get to the dining hall and their classes on time. Of course, our staff is there to guide and support. Over our 90 plus summers, we have found that this newfound responsibility strengthens each camper’s sense of independence and confidence in their own abilities.

Some ways to use routines and structure at home:

  1. Block Scheduling: Take a look at your daily schedules and block out certain times for various activities. Instead of having specific times for each distinct activity, consider blocks of time with a start and an end time for completion of the activity or tasks. This provides more choice and independence in planning and managing time. For example:

  2. 7am-8am Wake Up/Breakfast block

  3. 8am-9am: Clean Up/Chores (or squads as we call them at camp) block

  4. 9am-12pm School block

  5. 12pm-1pm Lunch block

  6. 1pm – 3pm Outside or Creative Time bloc

  7. Etc.

  8. Create a Schedule Together: Allowing your child to have some of the responsibility of creating the schedule may help them to stick to it. Create a framework for the day of the must-dos and then have them fill in the blank spots. After that is done let them decorate their own schedule and hang it on the fridge.

  9. Check Lists: Create a checklist that your child can mark throughout the day. You could have the morning section have things such as brush teeth, make the bed, get dressed, etc. Bonus points if you can laminate the list and reuse it each day.

  10. Timer Motivation: finding it difficult to get certain tasks or chores done around the house? Set a timer or better yet choose a song. You have until the song ends to clean up this room and get all the legos back in their bins.

FDL Routine Example Printables

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