Pumpkin pie or peppermint ice cream
POSTED 12.3.13 Blog

After Halloween, I was left considering the ample opportunity that camp grants to keep dressing up while getting to be ourselves. The spread on Thanksgiving only proved to remind me of other similar meals, served when there was no hope of snow on the ground and dinner was followed by a show and then campfire. In the FDL world, turkey and stuffing are greeted as tradition and feared because they always signal the end of something. Senior Banquet always means that a session has come to an end and we will have to say goodbye to friends and, perhaps, even camp itself.

So as the leftovers start to dwindle, I keep pondering that perhaps we need to borrow more from Thanksgiving than just the menu for this well-loved ritual. Instead of looking at it as a parting, I thinkĀ  I am going to advocate using the end of our sessions as a chance to take stock of all that we have to be thankful for, an opportunity to take stock of the family that we build in between swim lessons and E.P. Consider it a Thanksgiving resolution . . .

-Lady Sarena