Should kids go to sleepaway camp with a friend?
POSTED 3.13.17 Blog

At Fleur de Lis, many campers will tell you that they love being away from their “home friends” and their “school friends.” They will tell you that their “camp friends” are different: at camp, they can act silly when, at school, they normally act serious (and vice versa).

North Jersey published an article called “Should kids go to sleepaway camp with a friend?” where they speak to American Camp Association Director of Camper Placement of New York and New Jersey, Renee Flax, as well as a few other camp professionals.

The general consensus? While it’s an individualized decision, if your camper chooses to attend sleepaway camp with a friend, he/she should make sure to “have your own identity” and that “you’re not just sticking together.”

The professionals differed when it came to siblings attending camp, though. Does having an older sibling at camp mean that it’s just another place for you to follow in their footsteps?

We’d love to hear what parents and campers think about whether or not to attend sleepaway camp with a friend. Post your thoughts in the comments section!