So the password for today is somethings are worth waiting for.
POSTED 4.8.14 Blog

It seems that every year I am reminded of how awful my memory actually is. Every winter, I realize that I have forgotten about that portion of time when it’s definitely cold but there is not even the promise of snow in the air. So it’s somewhat dismal and grey without the clean slate that all that white provides; I also forget about the point when it seems like the snow will never end.

In turn, this year it appears I forgot what the beginning of spring is actually like- the spots of left snow, the washed-out color of plants allowed to sleep for too long, the stillness and quiet that precedes that racquet of birds, peepers and frogs always keen to make their presence known. We wait and wait for it to finally feel like the snow will be gone and it will be warm again and then when it happens, it feels like a bit of a letdown.

This year, though, I’ve been rethinking that sense of disappointment, shifting instead into a state of anticipation with a measure of patience to balance it out. I think I forget about these times of year because the end product, the thing that I’ve been waiting for, is so amazing. It’s much the same way that right before camp begins; I always think that I can’t wait for pre-camp. Then, after friends are greeted and stories from the year exhausted, I remember that what I really can’t wait for is camp is start properly, for the campers to arrive and the real thing to kick off. It’s that energy and sense of excitement that we long for all year along with the quiet moments that we find with one another on staff.

So perhaps, it is not that my memory is that bad but that my excitement for spring and campers making their way up the camp road pushes everything else aside.

-Lady Sarena