Some answers, still a mystery
POSTED 4.22.14 Blog

First off, I want to thank everyone for their help with our FDL mystery of sorts, the picture that we can’t quite figure out. I would love to tell you that all has been solved but alas, this mystery remains beguiling and not completely answered. Here is what I did find out with your help-

Lady Nancy Carney offered the following-

It seems to be before the alcove in the dinning hall was built on to the old DH.  The door would have gone out toward the cook’s cottage – Staff cottage or toward the grove (whatever you want to call it). The windows are still there – but into the little portion near where the Mids and Seniors come in.

Lady Lexi Heatley contributed this thought-

I’m sure that is when the original DH burned down. It was next to the FH. Things were moved into the ODH that summer or were donated. I’m sure that is the ODH based on the diagonal flooring and the windows and beams. With picture in hand and in the building, I’m sure I could figure it out.

Lady Liz Young was able to shed a lot of light-

The gas stoves that were in the old kitchen were the same stoves from 1945 on. Some how Lady Frances was able to obtain them, which was considered a real feat because it was the year after the war. And this picture does not have the giant gas stoves that we all knew until the new DH was built. The diagonal flooring is a little suspect but all subfloors are laid on that diagonal. And I do not think that the floor in the kitchen was on a diagonal. It certainly was in the dining hall proper. And then there is the door in the back center of the picture. I do not know where that door could be. And the milk cooler in the picture is not the same as the one we had which I believe we acquired in 45 – 46.

The kitchen and the dish room were built on to the barn that was being rehab to be a second barn (rec hall) in the spring of 46 so this picture could not be the old kitchen. Perhaps people were making donations and stuff was being stored in the old DH proper but that would have made it difficult to do the building etc. that needed to be done to be ready to be the dining hall in 1946. Another thing I thought of is that the alcove in the old DH was added on when the kitchen was added on.

Unfortunately, none of these emails or the Facebook comments you all so awesomely posted completely solve the mystery of where this picture was taken. So I think until more answers come in, it will remain shrouded in the unknown. Of course, Lady Liz offered up another plausible and terrifying possibility- “And of course the other thing is it may not be FDL just a picture that was in someone’s box of pictures!!”

– Lady Sarena