Some rainy day musings
POSTED 10.1.14 Blog

It is raining here in Vermont; the kind of raining that brings with it a dampness and bit of cold as it settles in for the day. It means that fall is certainly here and, actually since this is Vermont, winter will not be fair behind. Usually this is the point where I start to really mourn the end of summer and camp. Soon I will have to trade my shorts for pants and pack away my sandals for Bean boots. While I am still not looking forward to these transitions, as I never do, this year feels a bit different.

Since leaving 120 Howeville Road, many more of my days than usual have been punctuated by messages and visits from fellow camp people. While there are still pangs of camp sickness from time to time, I find that more of camp has stayed alive for me and that has, of course, got me thinking. While we, of course, miss spending the day on Laurel Lake or punctuating our meals with songs that demand to be sung loudly and while standing on benches, I am becoming more and more certain that we hold the best of camp within us. Certainly, we would all rather still be together but as the weather continues to make it clearer that we have quite awhile to wait until summer is here again, I encourage you to visit, write, or message your camp people to your hearts’ content. Share that part of FDL that lives inside you because you are the part we miss the most.

-Lady Sarena