Some wise words
POSTED 10.26.15 Blog

I had always been the kind of girl who closed her eyes and made a wish at 11:11, 12:34, and even 4:08, my birthday time. I had three very standard wishes- 1. I hope that I have the best birthday ever, 2. I hope that I have the best summer at camp ever, or 3. I hope I have the best life ever. And I truly believed that those wishes came true. Each birthday was a little more interesting, each summer a little more memorable, and life seemed to be going at a pretty great rate. it wasn’t until my incredibly perfect birthday this past year that I realized it had nothing to do with my wishes and everything to do with my choices. Not only was it my decision to spend the semester in Spain in the first place, but it was also my decision to spend April 8th exactly as I wanted, instead of thinking everything will fall into place.

The same can be true for all of your summers here at camp. As hard as it is to put yourself out there, it is the only way to truly make the most of your experience at FDL. Ask that girl to play tetherball, sing loudly and proudly in the Dining Hall, and be as weird as you can be because that’s what will make this summer the best ever, not a wish that you made on a shooting star. So, in the wise words of my girl Hannah Montana, the password for today is life’s what you make it, so let’s make it rock!

-Lady Cori Crisfield.