90th Reunion Attendees

Check the list below to see if your friends will be at the 90th Reunion.
Don’t see their names? Reach out to them and invite them to go with you.

Sally Adams

Kate (Young) Allen

Carol Anthony

Kristy (Hoffman) Arredondo

Chip Baker

Amy Bates

Anne Berkeley

Janet Brown

Nancy Carney

Jacqueline (Farinella) Chezar

Susan Clinkenbeard

Sarah Coburn

Carol Collier

Mary Conant

Christine Cressey

Cori Crisfield

Mary Crowell

Linda Davis

Kara (Jessup) Della Croce

Claire Denning

Torrance Dunbar

Hilary Jones Egan

Emily (Irwin) Elliott

Sarah Evans

Jamee Farinella

Carrie Finizio

Diane Foster

Pam Fricke

Suzanne Gammon

Carley Goodnoe

Margaret Goodnoe

C.J. Hacker

Caroline Heatley

Lexy Heatley

Lindsay Heller

Sarah Heller

Allison Janice

Andrea Jenkins

Anne (Huff) Jordan

Wendy Keiver-Hewett

Pamela Keiver-Rodgers

Mary Kemper

Glenna Keogh

Ruth Keogh

Samantha Keogh

Matoaka Kipp

Betsy Kirtland

Lindsay Leahy

Laura Lynch

Suzanne MacPhail

Gwen Mahan Ryan

Brynne Martin

Jenn Maynard

Shirley Maynard

Allison McCartney*

Debbie (Kevier) McIlroy

Mallory (Young) Michaeles

Ann Miller

Claudia Miller

Alex Moore

Robin Nelson

Becca Newhall

Caitlin O’Keefe

Katie O’Malley

Linda O’Malley

Maddie (Jenkins) Ouellette

Christy (Orshak) Propper

Elena Ramos

Sarah Rheude

Hilary Robinson*

Betsy Roguet

Hannah Sanger

Ingrid Scanlon

Rachel Schewe

Bridget Scollon

Julia Shively

Lauren Shively

Shauna Simpson

Lindsey Varney

Molly Ward

Virginia Lucy Weiss

Libby Williams

Jessica Wojslaw*

Jeanne Young

*90th Reunion Committee Members


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