Stained Glass
POSTED 7.2.13 Blog

This year’s new activity, stained glass, is quite a smash! We are at the start of our second week and already 30 campers have finished a glass star. The campers are greatly enjoying creating not just the stars but butterflies, turtles and hummingbirds out of luscious colors of stained glass.

Lady Elaine, our resident expert, comes three times a week to help the campers with their projects while Ladies Sophie, Julia, Matoaka, Arielle and myself split the responsibility of assisting her and running the other classes. Since many of the campers have already passed their first award, we have moved onto animals. By the end of the summer, campers who are staying all 7 weeks will have the opportunity to complete beautiful landscape projects, featuring sunsets and other majestic scenes.

Our home for stained glass is the newly renovated nature cottage and it is looking more beautiful than ever as we fill it with dozens of breathtaking projects hung from all four walls. We are excited to see what the campers will complete next and are especially looking forward to the menagerie of animals that will be finished soon. Make sure to clean space in your windows for all the projects your campers will bring home!

-Lady Katherine Collier