Still digesting . . . the 85th reunion
POSTED 7.21.14 Blog

My delay in recounting the details of Fleur de Lis’s 85th Reunion is a bit like the pause that one has to take after a large meal. Abandoning any sense of manners or decorum, you push yourself back from the table and sigh into the exquisite discomfort of the amazing amount of food you just consumed. Then you quietly forsake any idea of doing anything else for the next several hours while you conserve all energy for the massive task of digesting. I find myself faced with a similarly monumental process trying to distill the very varied and astounding experience that the weekend entailed; I had to take some time to reflect and use a fair amount of my facilities to really wrap my head around what it was that had just happened.

What actually happened was a really incredible and seemingly seamless mixing of former and current campers and staff as they mingle over dinner, entertained during Airbands and courageously defended their flags from invaders. The alumnae were able to relive their time at camp, visiting with friends and recounting tales that ranged from the heartwarming to almost scandalous. While I know a good time was had by all, I think the greater benefit fell to the current campers and staff who were reminded just what an unique experience they were in the midst of, the kind of experience that can bond us to one another decades after we taught our last Dive class and can make all those years melt away with one glimpse of Laurel Lake and a good friend.

So as I sit here, still digesting the entire weekend, I just wanted to thank the alumnae who attended the 85th for their time, their tales and their presence, which served to solidify the long held notion that here at 120 Howeville Road, it is not just a summer but a wonderful and cherished life that we build together each year. A life that though we may leave, we can always come back and visit.

-Lady Sarena