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We are heartbroken to share the news that we will not be gathering for the summer of 2020 at Fleur de Lis Camp due to the threat of Covid-19.

This is not what any of us were imagining for the summer of 2020 and we share your sadness. We were so looking forward to welcoming back all of you that we have shared past summers with and getting to know all of you who were going to be with us for the first time this year.

Just like you, we will miss so much about camp.

For all of us, we now need to imagine our summer in different ways. We know this can be hard, but we also know that you can do hard things – we have seen you do that time and time again each summer.

We expect you will have many questions about what this all means. We have tried to provide some answers to you during this difficult time below.

What if I already paid towards tuition for summer 2020?
Is there anything I need to do right now?

If you have already paid towards tuition in 2020 there are a few different options for you moving forward:

  •      Refunds will be issues the way in which you paid. Credit card payments will be refunded to the same card and cash or check payments will be refunded via check. 

  •      Transfer tuition from 2020 to 2021 

  •      Donate all or a portion of tuition to support FDL

What about registration for Summer 2021?

Registration for Summer 2021 will open in the Fall. We will send out more information about this process, as we get closer.

Have you thought about having a shortened season for 2020? 

We considered all possibilities for opening camp or having a shortened season. Over the past months, we have monitored closely the requirements for each phase of reopening with guidance from the CDC, state and local health departments, and the ACA (American Camp Association). Given the recommendations, we know that we would not be able to provide the same standard of programming that is classic at  Fleur de Lis Camp. So many aspects of camp that we value would be compromised, such as camp-wide activities, meals together, intermingling with girls from all tents and cabins, and more. Camp is a place where girls are comfortable, relaxed, and free from outside stress. That is the camp experience we are committed to providing for girls. While we wrestled with whether having a shortened season was better than not being at camp at all, we decided that the risk to the health and safety of our Fleur de Lis community and beyond was still too great.

What will the camp program look like this summer? 

Camp is something that lives in each of us and although we will not be together at 120 Howeville Road, we can still support each other from a distance. Our staff is working diligently to create a continuation of FDL@Home for campers to participate in while not physically at camp this summer. We will be sending you a survey soon about programming for this summer. Though we do not know what this will look like yet, we would love to hear your suggestions about ways we can have a great Fleur de Lis experience separate yet together.

What about 2nd-year seniors? 

We know this is not what you expected for your last year as campers. Our hearts go out to you – we wish it could be different. While nothing can replace a full summer at camp, know that we are working on putting something special together for you to commemorate your time as a camper at Fleur de Lis. 

What about 2nd-year CTs? 

We know that this decision is particularly hard for you. We are sad that you won’t be able to be on-site this summer. Know that you will all be eligible to apply for staff positions for summer 2021. We look forward to celebrating your CT Graduation at camp at the start of summer 2021, even if you can’t be with us on staff. For this summer we would love to have you involved with new summer programming and will be reaching out about your involvement soon. 

What about my CT pin and 3-year staff pin?

Second year CTs committed for summer 2020 will receive their CT pin during a special event in summer 2021. 

Hired 2020 staff who should be receiving their 3-year service pin in summer 2020 will be awarded this honor during summer 2021 as well. 

What about my 5-year sweatshirt and 10-year bracelet?

We know many of you are looking forward to receiving their 5-year sweatshirts and 10-year bracelets this summer. If you return to camp summer 2021 or any year after, you will receive credit for summer 2020 and that summer. So, if you were supposed to get a 5-year sweatshirt and you come back next summer, you will get your 5-year sweatshirt and be in your 6th summer at camp. Same is true for 10-year bracelets. 

If this was supposed to be your first summer at FDL and you keep coming back every year for 4 more years you will receive your 5-year sweatshirt in summer 2024. If you are a registered second year senior receiving your 5-year sweatshirt this summer, you will still receive it. 

Will my family be able to visit camp? 

120 Howeville Road means so much to all of us and we know how much you may want to come visit. In order to keep our staff and visitors safe, we ask that you please do not visit camp at this time. We ask that you hold off on spontaneous visits to camp until we have these guidelines in place and posted here, for the safety of our staff and site. 

Remember this is not an ending, but a pause.

Fleur de Lis will still be here in years to come and our community will be here for you this summer, even at a distance. We will greatly miss all the smiling faces, laughter, and hugs that make camp so special. Know that we are just a phone call away. 

We hope that providing some answers to the many questions you surely have with the decision to suspend camp for the 2020 season gives you some peace. Please let us know of other questions you may have as you think about this summer and summers to come. Contact Us.

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