Swing into the Spring Appeal
POSTED 6.11.19 Blog

The Fleur de Lis Spring Appeal has launched and is well underway.  It’s possible that you’ve caught wind of a future fund-raising effort likely to begin in our next fiscal year relating to the Farmhouse, (to read more see: https://www.fleurdeliscamp.org/a-letter-about-the-farmhouse/).  You will be hearing more about that campaign soon, but before, and even during such a major campaign, our Spring and Winter Appeals, which contribute to the Annual Fund, will continue to play a vital role.  This funding supports the financial health of the camp and allows us to provide the excellent camp experience enjoyed by many for almost 100 years.  We are urging people to continue giving to the current appeal as generously as you can, both now and as the Farmhouse Project is announced.

This Spring Appeal spotlights the quieter places in camp where gals gather and create some of their fondest memories with some of their favorite people (https://www.fleurdeliscamp.org/fleur-de-lis-gathering-places/).  We’ve created a new way for supporters to enhance these gathering spaces.  A local company is working with us to facilitate gifting of picnic tables, Adirondack chairs, swings and other items that match the iconic FDL aesthetic.

Below is a list of items you can gift to Fleur de Lis (please note that shipping is included in these prices):

Picnic Table – $ 795 [Goal: 5 new tables]

*New to FDL* Green Adirondack Chair – $305 [Goal: 10 new chairs]

Double A-Frame Swing – $474 [Goal: 1 replacement swing]

Porch Swing  – $436 [Goal: 2 replacement porch swings]

Some of these big ticket items can be shared between many friends or family members.

Simply call Mark at Wilderness Creations (603-563-7010) to place your order over the phone. Our hope is to have all pieces at camp to be enjoyed at the 90th Anniversary!

We still depend upon traditional donations that can be made either securely online or by mailing a check to 120 Howeville Road, Fitzwilliam, NH 03447.

If you have any questions about the appeal, feel free to contact us at either 603-585-7751 or sarah@fleurdeliscamp.org.