Technological advance but still off the grid
POSTED 6.24.14 Blog

The first full day of camp is filled with excitement, activities and for a lucky few, scheduling. Until this year, it has been a process involving a lot of paperwork, a few Excel spreadsheets, and some large poster boards on which we would record each camper’s individual schedule. But this year things were a little different as we employed a computer program to help with placing campers in the classes of their choosing.

In this midst of this technological advance for Fleur de Lis, I became very conscious of the movements of camp that were happening outside- the noise that precedes the beginning of each activity and the end of every meal as they rush to catch up with friends they may have only just met, the peaceful quiet that sets over the property during Rest Hour, and the way the barn goes from quiet and empty to full of life as soon as E.P. starts. You could set your watch with transitions that happen each day and in truth, some of us do in a sense. Rather than setting an alarm to make sure that you up at the end of Rest Hour, you can just rely on the noise from the transition to fourth period to make sure that you are awake and ready to go. Losing track of time as the day goes on, let the growing roar of campers up the camp road alert you that it’s time for evening Colors.

So it seems that no matter how many pieces of technology find their way into camp, there will always be a piece that is off the grid, disconnected from the outside world. As much as the computer program may have made our lives easier, I will miss the poster boards in the bottom of the Barn and I would always rather wake up from a nap to camp noise than an electronic alarm.

-Lady Sarena