The password for today is a life-long whim.
POSTED 7.27.15 Blog

Strictly speaking, I am not supposed to be here. Well, I’m not still supposed to be here. My time as a camp staff began on a bit of a whim and the delusion that it was a summer job. But then my thoroughly un-thought through whim turned into a habit and so I returned and returned and returned. While my college friends took office internships, waited tables, and generally languished in boring indoor jobs, I cooked over campfires, exercised my inner pirate, and perfected my bracelet making skills. Clearly, I was winning this one.

I kept this mantra alive until I was in need of more than just a summer job. After my supposed to be last summer at camp, I set off and got what everyone in my outside of camp life referred to as a real job. Obviously, it didn’t take. All it took was two weeks notice, a new real job that including camp, and I haven’t looked back since.

That was eight years ago and what I have figured out is this- we have no idea what we’re going to do most of the time, what our life is going to look like and what thoroughly un-thought through whim is going to bring us our next great adventure or life-long passion. So as we set off on a three week journey together, learn from my delusions and belated decisions. Take advantage of this place and the people who share it with you. Try new activities, explore old favorites, exploit the gift of not having to be so serious to the fullest, share secrets and stories and most of all, explore, both camp and the person it can help you become.

As a very wise woman once said, we find our path by walking it and I can see now that my path was set to be a patchwork of camp roads, trails through the woods, paths to the Point and places like it, and shortcuts back to my tent. I can only hope that you all find the same.

-Lady Sarena