The password for today is a snapshot of your true self.
POSTED 11.8.14 Blog

I take a horrible picture. Being photogenic was not something that came down the genetic pipeline to many in my family. Our history is littered with unfortunate group shots, years of “Why do we have to pay for this” school photos and some random candid that aren’t too bad but still aren’t good. The point is I take a horrible photo but there are a few that have defied the odds. They have all been taken during summer camp.

They span the years from camper to staff; sometimes I knew they were being taken, sometimes I didn’t. Sometimes there are others with me, sometimes, it’s just me and in one notable shot, I am just visible under a pile of rain soaked towels that needed to be dried before a trip to the local waterpark. Regardless of the circumstances, these pictures recognize the few times when I saw a picture of myself and actually saw myself, which is why is makes perfect sense that they were all taken at camp.

While for some, camp is a chance to spend the summer outside and fill your days with swimming and sports, crafts and s’mores; we know that it is so much more than that. It is a chance to spend the summer outside, swimming and playing and creating all while being your true self, your best self because camp allows you the freedom and space to figure out who that is and be that person.

So when you have the chance, go back through your camp boxes and take a look at what the camera has managed to capture.

-Lady Sarena