The password for today is “Alright, maybe a maypole.”
POSTED 3.3.15 Blog

This past weekend was the Farmhouse retreat and in addition to planning and discussion, games and stories, some ideas were floated out for the group to consider. Some were met with resounding agreement, some needed some tweaking and others, well others, didn’t quite garner the response that their creator was hoping for. All of this discussion brought me again to the very distinct nature of camp people.

There are people who bring out the best in you, people who challenge you to be better and people who accept you for who you are; in my experience, camp people do all of this, sometimes at once. It is a rare friend who can listen with care, question with respect and, ultimately, support unconditionally. It is, basically, the perfect environment to introduce a new idea or crazy thought that you think will be a perfect fit for camp. And while not all of them pan out to be winners, there is great comfort in knowing that you were heard.

-Lady Sarena