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POSTED 4.25.15 Blog

Because it is the beginning of camp, everyone has been asking each other, “What is your favorite camp activity?” This question has really gotten me thinking about how much my answer has changed over my time at Fleur de Lis. I came in as a second year Mid, ready for anything and excited to explore the wide-range of possibilities. After my first day of open activities, I was convinced that rifle was for me. However, throughout that first August session, I had a hard time getting a target over 30 and was more intrigued by My Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants book than practicing my shot in the range.

So next summer, it was goodbye rifle and hello ceramics. Yet even there, I struggled with pinch pots and agonized over the wheel. After 3 of my creations exploded in the kiln, I took a break from pottery and began to dedicate myself to archery. And again, just as I was beginning to consider myself the next Robin Hood, I participated in our first (and last) archery match with William Lawrence. I shot with a lefty bow; I am a righty. The arrow hit the wrong target. Let’s just say that was the end of my archery career.

But, if you had asked me any of those years, what my favorite activity was, I would have answered with rifle, ceramics, or archery. Because the truth is it doesn’t matter if you shoot a 50, create the perfect pot, or get bulleyes like Catniss Everdeen. Your favorite activity is finding the activity that you enjoy the most and that may change every year or perhaps every day. Camp is the perfect place to figure out what you like to do and who you want to be. You never know what you’re going to like, so go into every activity with an open mind. You may even find your passion is the activity you marked number 6, just to fill out your schedule.

-Lady Caroline Foley