The Password for Today is: Dear Lady Ellen…
POSTED 7.14.19 Blog

I am a huge fan of letters. Well actually to be quite honest I only like receiving letters. In all of my years at camp I can count all of the letters that I have written home on my left hand. Even though my mom would pre-stamp & address my letters, I can’t say that I ever used them. If my parents were lucky enough to get a letter from me it usually started with ‘Dear Mom & Dad, camp is fun. I went in the lake today…’ and then it would quickly end with ‘love, Ellen.’ But, even writing a letter like that felt like a book for me. It was far more likely that an old rifle target with no note attached was sent, or if they were extra lucky I wouldn’t put anything at all in the envelope. Regardless of my lack of letter writing skills, I still expected to receive tons of letters despite never initiating or responding.

But this year I have decided to step up my game. No more checking the barn for mail before writing a single letter. From now on I am going to take matters into my own hands and start writing some letters. And for those of you like me I challenge you to do the same. They don’t have to be long or eloquent, just as long as you wrote them. Your letters don’t need to travel far either. Maybe you will send them home or maybe you will send them to yourself. That way when it’s winter and cold you can read your letters and remember the hot summer days on Laurel Lake with your best friends.

The password for today is: Dear Lady Ellen.