The password for today is Find your happy place.
POSTED 9.17.14 Blog

Over the year while looking through a box of my grandmother’s old camp things, I found on old Flash from camp’s 25th summer. Reading through it, I found a password written by Lady Bev giving a lesson on happiness. She taught camp three rules: want to be happy, try to be happy, and try to make others happy.

Though this password was written 60 years ago, these rules still apply today. We came to camp because we want to be happy and have fun. During the summer even when the rain won’t stop or the lake is freezing cold, we play games and sing silly songs, trying our best to stay positive. And when we aren’t having the best day, you know you can always count on your camp friends to cheer you up. Without even realizing it, we use these rules daily here at Fleur de Lis. So the next time you are feeling down, remember the three rules Lady Bev taught all those years ago.

-Lady Heidi