The password for today is Friendship
POSTED 8.26.14 Blog

A couple of weeks ago I was walking down the camp road with someone who I’ve grown to call a good friend. We were discussion our philosophies on friendship. From where I stand, friendship is permanent, cemented. Once bonded with the ties, you two will always have this connection, and not time nor distance can change that. My friend, however, holds an opposing view. She sees friendship as wonderful albeit temporary additions to life at that particular moment. Friends come and go like seasons, you love them while they’re here, but as time marches and the leaves change, friends shift from one group to the next.
While these conflicting perspectives might prove to be a fundamental flaw in our relationship, there is one piece that she and I will always agree upon. And that is the lifelong impact of a friend. Friends teach each other about the world, they play together even when life feels muddled by darkness, and they bring out the best version of one another.
Today, we must say some tough goodbyes. We have shared a magical week here at Circle of Fleur de Lis. And no matter what your friendship philosophy may be, we have all impacted one another for life. So as we soon part share with your friends, as best as you can, the impact they have had on you and your time here, for there are big ships and small ships, but the best ship of all is friendship.

-Lady Grace