The password for today is Have an Ordinary Day.
POSTED 8.5.15 Blog

You may or may not realize that I wear a pin everyday. The beginning of this trend dates back to when I was a mere First Year CT. Lady Sarena gave me a small yellow pin that read “Have an Ordinary Day!” Upon receiving this gift, I immediately pinned it on my shirt out of pure excitement. I continued to wear it on every shirt and sweatshirt that I wore for the rest of the summer.

When I went home after camp, my “Have an Ordinary Day” pin was sadly no longer a part of my everyday schedule and eventually, I found it crushed under the front wheel of my car. It was a sad day but I have continued the tradition with different pins and it’s a part of my daily life at camp.

Giving gifts is an important part of camp. This is where we can learn to share belongings, space, creations, thoughts, and ideas. Also, camp provides us with plenty of opportunity to receive gifts and show our appreciation for those gifts, which is an even more important skill. So, as this is S.S. week, I recommend taking the time to really appreciate the gifts you have and will receive. Get excited about the really small things that may not be so exciting outside of camp and fully embrace the enjoyment of receiving something someone took the time to specifically give to you.

-Lady Bryn Hennigar